Transforming lives one garden at a time
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What is Plant Harmony? What do we do?

Plant Harmony is a place to learn how to create nature around you, even in the most urban of settings.

I will offer information on how to grow your garden sustainably, increase your bounty of vegetables, flowers and healthier plants, to strengthen your own ecosystem while striving for health and balance.

There are a lot of answers out there. I’m here to guide you to find the balanced intentional solution for a healthier environment so that you can find your bliss in your garden, wherever that might be.

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How easy is it to have a cleaner, greener, safer environment?

Well I can share that it is very easy and it literally starts in your own backyard.



Master Composter, San Mateo County, 2009
Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional Program, Oakland, CA 2010
IPM Advocates Training and Mentoring Program, Pest Management Alliance Grant Partners, CA 2012
Greywater Principles and Installation, Greywater Action, Los Angeles, CA 2013


IPM Innovator Award for the IPM Advocates Program, Department of Pesticide Regulation (CA EPA), 2013

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