Transforming lives one garden at a time
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ThRough Plant Harmony I help people grow gardens organically.


What does this mean?

I make a careful evaluation of the environment in question, then open up an honest discussion about the goals. Is the intention to grow healthy organic foods, or a lush flower garden, or to produce a bounty of fresh picked fruit from trees? Hopefully it’s all of the above.

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 How do we achieve these results?

The best results come from a comprehensive approach of building healthy soils, proper plant selection, and appropriate watering. We also look back to the traditional methods of our ancestors. An example of this is with the planting of the ‘Three Sisters’; corn, bean and squash. This integration of companion planting helps these plants grow better together. By drawing on these proven practices we employ these principles to achieve symbiotic results for a healthy and balanced environment.


Why I do this?

I recognize the positive energy within people as they discover a connection to their garden. When they see the healthy balance in their garden they then find this healthy balance within themselves.



Master Composter, San Mateo County, 2009
Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional Program, Oakland, CA 2010
IPM Advocates Training and Mentoring Program, Pest Management Alliance Grant Partners, CA 2012
Greywater Principles and Installation, Greywater Action, Los Angeles, CA 2013


IPM Innovator Award for the IPM Advocates Program, Department of Pesticide Regulation (CA EPA), 2013

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